Kinnford Consulting has two Principals – Dr Stephen Mugford and Dr Pamela Kinnear.

We both have post-graduate qualifications in the social sciences, and have also published and been involved in work with strong applied relevance beyond the ‘Ivory Tower’.  That means we are able to give advice and insight far richer than the more usual ‘organised common sense’ which is based on experience alone.

  • Pamela, in a range of senior positions, has led teams on significant national projects for policy development and implementation, as well as designing and managing performance/capability frameworks for people and organisations.
  • Stephen has been both an advisor to senior leaders over many years and an active player in major change programs in his former consulting practice (QQSR), preceded by a long and successful academic career.

We can work with you separately, or together as a duo.

We can also pull together—from our wide professional network—a team with the right blend of specialist skills, subject matter and sectoral expertise for your needs.

About us…



…brings a wealth of experience at senior levels in government (line Depts, statistical agencies, PM&C), non-government, academic/think tank and consulting sectors including:

  • Leading small and large teams through major projects of national significance involving policy development, implementation, data collection and research
  • Re-orienting organisational strategy, structures and performance systems to support new objectives
  • Conducting, analysing and disseminating research
  • Engaging in public commentary and analysis in the broadcast and print media
  • Coordinating policy positions amongst nationally dispersed memberships
  • Speaking in major conferences and meetings and appearing before Parliamentary Committees.
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…brings over 40 years’ experience as an educator, researcher, facilitator and change management consultant for government, military, private sector and non-government organisations, including:

  • Organisational culture change at senior levels
    (awarded a Chief of Air Force commendation for 15 years of culture change for the AF senior leadership team)
  • Expert advisor on major national reviews, including both major ADFA reviews
  • Stakeholder consultations for key public policy issues – such as health reform, prison policy
  • Team and executive coaching for private sector, government and NGOs
  • A successful academic career, specialising in sociology and social psychology, earning a major reputation as a scholarly researcher in criminology and drug policy
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