Challenge: To plan and facilitate a major planning day for all staff in the Synergy Group, focused on building cohesion and shared understanding between teams and individuals within Synergy’s rapidly growing business.

Process: Working closely with the partners and leadership team, Kinnford Consulting developed and analysed an all-staff survey, and planned and facilitated a day-long, interactive workshop.  Using a variety of small and large group activities (e.g., ‘cage rattling questions’; ‘Competing Commitments’), staff were able to get to know each other better as well as identify and discuss the challenges and opportunities of Synergy’s fast-expanding client and staff base.

Outcome: The group agreed a draft ‘Code’ that reflects Synergy’s core values and behaviours; some tensions (and the source of these) that may undermine the elements of the code; and some short and longer term key actions that will be important for the Group to consider and prioritise going forward.

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Challenge: To facilitate a way for ICN to develop and agree the basis of a new business model for the Network in anticipation of fundamental changes to the Network’s funding arrangements.

Process: In close consultation with the National Office, Kinnford Consulting planned and facilitated a meeting of ICN leaders from all States and Territories over the course of two days in Sydney. The activities undertaken were designed to maximise collaboration amongst the participants to bring to the fore—for robust discussion—ideas/innovations, concerns/challenges, and areas of agreement and disagreement.  The goal was that the group, having aired and addressed all the key issues, had a clear way forward for the future.

Outcome: The Network agreed the basis of a new operating model, as well as a process for developing the business case and key aspects of implementation to secure the organisation’s future.



Challenge: To facilitate a 3-day conference for all AAFCANS senior staff from around the country, to create a stronger leadership team with shared goals for their organisation. The conference coincided with AAFCANS’ 100th year anniversary.

Process: Kinnford Consulting planned and facilitated a 3-day meeting of AAFCANS senior staff, including Base Managers and the Senior Leadership Group focusing on team building, organisational capability and leadership. It commenced with a meeting with the Senior Leadership Group, to tease out core challenges and priorities for the organisation.  This was followed by the main conference comprising interactive sessions to develop principles to guide individual and organisational behaviour; develop and enhance leadership skills; and grow a stronger sense of ‘team’ dynamics amongst the group.

Outcome: The conference allowed a nationally dispersed leadership group to get to know each other better, build a sense of dynamism and energy and share each other’s business opportunities and challenges. A succinct, ‘to-the-point’ follow-up report detailing useful next steps and summarising key insights and outcomes provided a tangible reference point for AAFCANS to reflect, build on and embed the lessons from the offsite experience.


Challenge: To facilitate a workshop—as part of the Aerospace Joint Defence/Industry Senior Leadership Congress—to promote discussion, ideas and networking between approximately 120 defence and industry leaders about the implications of the First Principles Review reform program for their work.

Process: Working for Helmsman International (and with PwC), and in close consultation with the client, Kinnford Consulting planned and implemented a highly interactive workshop.  A combination of small group, focused discussions (World Café); an ideas-generation and ranking exercise and a structured plenary discussion (Fishbowl) generated a suite of outputs, summarised by sub-groups, with final presentations provided to the whole group by nominated rapporteurs.

Outcome: A unique opportunity for industry and defence leaders in Aerospace procurement to have an energetic exchange of ideas and experiences about the innovations and changes needed to improve and transform working relationships, procurement strategy and operations. Documented ‘take-away’ summaries formed the basis of a final report to the client.