Cross the River by Feeling the Stones….

A 4-part Mini-Workshop series to enrich our online experience

COVID-19 has affected us all. It has been troubling, but it’s also providing new ways of working and opportunities to learn and grow. We’d love you to join us (at no charge) in some experimental workshops to explore and adapt some of our most powerful, reliable and robust facilitation methods to an online context.

We know that in complex uncertain times, there is no one, right way forward. Instead, like an explorer at a river, we need to feel forward, finding ‘stepping stones’ to reach the far bank. Learning together, we will gain insights and ideas to help us all adapt.

We are offering, at no charge, four mini-workshops.  You can register for the whole series, or separately.

Click here to register for the whole series or individual workshops

MINI-WORKSHOP 1: The Fishbowl Conversation

… a brilliant method of holding a large whole-group conversation that allows all voices that want to be heard, that inhibits single voice dominance, groupthink and a whole raft of other common pitfalls of group conversations.

WHEN? WEDNESDAY 3 JUNE, 2020 12:30-1:45pm


Attentive, Unhurried, Reflexive, Appreciative. This is a powerful method to gain a collective understanding of key issues and concerns about shared work. Explore the assumptions—useful and not—that are at play under the surface of a meeting.

WHEN? WEDNESDAY 10 JUNE, 2020 12:30-1:45pm

MINI-WORKSHOP 2: Ritual Dissent

…a great way to give and receive insights and feedback on ideas, behaviour, actions, plans or anything else.

Tell stories, listen, inquire, wonder, and reflect on your experiences and ideas in a challenging and supportive way.

WHEN? WEDNESDAY 17 JUNE, 2020 12:30-1:45pm


… a well-established method for information and idea exchange—a key technique for Open Space approaches. The process promotes diversity of opinion, introduces energy into the exchange of ideas, and generates depth of thought through multiple-channel communication.

WHEN? WEDNESDAY 24 JUNE, 2020 12:30-2:00pm