Our principals have a history of involvement in the development, analysis, implementation and evaluation of policy issues stretching back over many years – having been involved in both theoretical and applied policy across a vast array of subject areas, as well as being instrumental in major national reviews and evaluations.

We offer policy development and analysis services that range from desk-based research (qualitative or quantitative) to active, in-the-field engagement especially where consultations with stakeholders or the general public is required.

To do this, we:

  • keep up-to-date and in touch with the latest national and international thinking, evidence and developments in key areas of public policy
  • utilise our innovative facilitation skills and techniques to get beyond superficial responses from public or stakeholder consultations
  • have a commitment to, and capacity for, various forms of online research and measurement with a full time survey site at eSurveysPro®
  • maintain active memberships of professional associations such as the Australian Institute of Management (AIM); the Institute of Public Administration of Australia (IPAA); and the Australian Social Policy Association (ASPA).

Examples of our experience in policy analysis, research and evaluation:

Stephen has been heavily involved in debates and initiatives in areas related to drug use, domestic violence and justice (e.g., restorative justice). He has also been involved in numerous evaluations and policy issues such as:

  • a major evaluation of the National Environment Health Strategy
  • contribution to the National Drug Strategy Review
  • research and advice for Navy pay rates and issues
  • evaluations of AFP leadership development models
  • a review of cultural issues in the ACT Ambulance Service.

Pamela has conducted research projects and evaluations spanning a range of subject areas such as:

  • criminology—prison education, fear of crime, elder abuse
  • industries—such as the coal industry and manufacturing
  • social policy—family change, welfare reform, income support, ageing and higher education.

She has also been responsible for conducting or leading evaluations of government programs; managing major national surveys, leading and commissioning national research programs and collecting, analysing and reporting on national administrative statistics.


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