We can assist you with strategic and business planning, and governance.  In doing so, our aim is to get beyond ‘easy’ or ’motherhood’ statements/objectives for your planning and governance and instead develop meaningful and practical frameworks to guide your workplace culture by:

  • ensuring a good balance between divergent and convergent thinking
  • getting ideas from everyone involved, creating ownership and ‘buy in’ and ensuring realistic visions and plans
  • making sure the overall direction is set and shared – in readiness for implementing using organisations’ internal technical capacities and business systems.

We use a variety of techniques to draw out and articulate your core priorities and understand the aspects of your business that will need to change.  Three major examples are:

  • A ‘Competing Commitments’ analysis to help teams and organisations surface issues that are essential for development but which can remain unspoken and hence neglected
  • The SOLAR model, used in a purposive sequence to build a realistic frame for framing directions and making decisions
  • Scenario forecasting techniques to help people consider a range of possibilities as opposed to (over) focusing on a single, imagined future.
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